Carpet Cleaning Hacks All Homeowners Should Know

Filthy Carpets?

In order to properly clean a carpet, one must typically vacuum it to death. It frequently leaves you, though, with the impression that it wasn’t enough. Small dust particles and pet hair are still present in the fabric, in addition to a persistent musty stench. There are many carpet cleaning hacks, but which ones are worth trying?

Squeegee Away

Pet hair can be difficult to remove. You might get pet hair irritation if you own a pet with long hair. Even a vacuum has trouble getting rid of the fine hair because it sticks to the carpet fibers.

Using a window squeegee is a practical method for getting rid of tenacious fur. The purpose of this clever invention is to remove sticky materials from nearly any surface. Slightly wet the squeegee and move it with the fibers; the hairs will follow. After that, gather them up and discard them.

Lint Rollers to the Rescue

Typically, lint rollers are used to remove loose hair from garments. These rollers work quite well on carpets as well, though. They will grasp onto smaller particles, like dust, better than a vacuum because of their stickiness.

The process of cleaning a carpet using a lint roller may seem to take a long time. That’s not necessarily the case, though. Even though it might not be the quickest solution, it can help you get rid of any fibers the vacuum might have missed.

Eliminate Oil Stains

Baking soda works well to absorb liquids and smells. Many people do not realize how effective it is to remove oil from carpets, though.

Sprinkle plenty of baking soda over the entire stain. Allow the powder to absorb the oil overnight; after it is full, a dry crust will form on the top. When you’re done, vacuuming this is simple. Use a cloth to dab the remaining oil stain away once the baking soda has mostly cleaned it.

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